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LOTI simplifies the professional development journey by providing employees with personalized course recommendations. For free.


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Employees don’t want more options. They want more curation.

LOTI is not in the business of creating professional development courses. We simply do the research to make the best ones easier to discover.


We simplify relevant details about courses and creators, enabling employees to efficiently weigh their options.


We only surface courses that are designed for workforce students—diverse, social, flexible, and aligned with job responsibilities.


We personalize each recommendation, combining professional development goals with organizational priorities.

Personalized recommendations empower talent to drive their own professional development.

We prioritize areas of interest most appealing to the employees own professional development.

We highlight individual growth areas as defined by people managers.

We consider team feedback via performance evaluations.

We factor in the knowledge and skills most important to the success of the organization.

LOTI recommendations cover multiple subjects and skills.

With LOTI you can provide employees access to the most innovative workforce skills training without needing to search out and sign deals with every new provider.


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