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Employees don't want unlimited options for professional development. They want confidence in the choices presented.

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LOTI works with each employee, connecting the dots between their organizational development opportunities and course outcomes. We optimize for skills development and mastery, focusing on maximizing career growth.


We synthesize relevant details about courses and creators, enabling employees to efficiently weigh their options.


We surface relevant courses designed to upskill and reskill employees with an eye toward promotion readiness.


We personalize each recommendation, providing diverse, social, and flexible courses aligned with team strategy and job responsibilities.

Employees Love LOTI

Personalized recommendations empower talent to drive their own professional development. The courses we recommend are interactive and always include a social learning component. The format encourages employees to learn in the flow of work, making learning more sustainable over the long term.





Courses Designed for the Modern Professional

Talent is seeking professional development that is relevant, social, and aligned with job responsibilities, otherwise it's just another thing they need to do. We’re constantly partnering with top Creators to provide access to their best-in-class courses & programs. LOTI recommendations cover different topics and needs, including Leadership & People Management, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Strategy & Busines Analytics, Public Speaking & Meeting Facilitation, Technical Training, and many more!

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"It was super easy to get started, and my team really valued being listened to".

Goldie Chow
Global Director of Data @ Generation

"I love that I don't have to worry if the education budget will get spent, or how it's getting spent, I know my team is being looked after".

Yash Zaveri
Partner and Managing Director @ Flash

"You get easy access to courses that aren't just the ones found on the first page of Google".

Lauryn Kistner
Director @ Variety